Utsav Mishra

Senior Manager@Swiggy
Life Skills Advocate

If you are a foodie worth your cuisine, you know of Swiggy. An online platform that has completely revolutionalised the way we look at food, it has changed the very shape and size of food ordering business and liaison networks. A common name in Swiggy domain is Mr. Utsav Mishra. A senior manager at Swiggy, he has brought about the revolutionary rise of Swiggy to fore.

In addition to his contribution at Swiggy, he has also given valuable contribution to giants like Amul, Bajaj and Travelyaari. On an interesting note, he has pursued psychotherapy and is a certified psychotherapist. His good Samaritan spirit sees him working tirelessly with victims of substance abuse, where he tries to reignite the flare of life within them.

He has constantly moved away from the drawn margins, and re-etched the nuances of an intriguing career

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