Malini Gowrishankar

Founder CEO
F5 Escapes

We have heard of the glass ceiling and its existence for women existing in work-spaces across the globe. We have heard of unequal pay and witnessed the advent of the force behind empowering women to chart out their destinies on their own terms. The illustrious list of women who have significantly changed the shape of our culture houses MALINI GOWRISHANKAR who took up the issue of subaltern marginalization heads on and answered it with F5 Escapes in July 2013. An entrepreneurial venture enabling offbeat travel experiences to women.

An Electronics and Communication Engineer by profession Ms. Gowrishankar's most recent venture is the community-building initiative ‘JUST GO’ travel talk series. Her guiding principle is a novel and noble one. She wants to make travelling safer for women all over the world Answering a dire need of our times, she has truly moved the margins of cultural, social and traditional inhibitions

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