Ishan Shukla

Animation Films Director

Ishan Shukla is an Indian Animation Film-maker whose film 'Schirkoa' was first of its kind to be nominated for the Academy Awards. His love for animation and creative arts propelled him to drop out from BITS, Pilani where he was pursuing his engineering. To explore his unique sense of art, Mr. Shukla enrolled at the 3D Sense Media School, Singapore, in 2008.

His film-making boasts of an interesting mix of diasporic as well as magic realist elements wherein he explores the Syrian crisis vis-a-vis an animated medium. It takes a genius to bring to life an unprecedented combination of dire realities in an animated platform.

Needless to say, Ishan Shukla that has put the Indian animation works on world map, moving the artistic as well as geo-political boundaries of contemporary Indian film-making.

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