Dr M.R. Rajagopal

Padma Shri
Chairman, Pallium India

The founder of Pallium India, he is also known as the father of palliative care. He has moved the margins of medical science by incorporating those who were shunned away and branded to be afar from the realm of medical care. While medical practitioners around the world focus only on their patients in one way road to recovery, Dr. Rajagopal has expanded the margin to bring to fold the family of patients who suffer alongside the ill.
Beyond the cold metal of scalpel and surgical instruments, Dr. Rajagopal has brought to fore a synergy of mind and body within the recognizance of soul.His journey started when he qualified as a physician from Trivendrum Medical College, Kerela and as an anaesthesiologist from AIIMS, New Delhi. As Palliative care is an approach that focuses on the improvement of quality of life of patients and their families, he has looked far beyond the margin of physical pain and addressed sorrow, grief and disillusionment towards life that becomes the sad fate of terminally ill.

For his unparallel contribution he was awarded the Padma Shri award by Government of India in 2018.
His is a restorative touch, a recreation of faith and hope.

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